Services Overview

It is our stance that customers always come first, we never compromise our extraordinary customer service nor do we overlook the importance of quality in regards to our equipment. DivInd is focused on servicing our customer and building great relationships by offering them a variety of services to support their needs. DivInd provides our customers with complete service from equipment design, to manufacturing and testing of equipment, to start-up and qualification, and equipment training.
Services List

DivInd's extensive products and services include:

  • Consulting
    • Improvements to recipe consistency & uptime
    • Review of Process and Instrumentation
    • Improvements to current technology
    • Process Validation
  • Design/Manufacturing
    • Liquid Processing Equipment
    • Filtration and Colloid Processing
    • Chemical and Particle Analysis Systems
  • Off-site Testing and Liquids Services
    • Chemical Sampling
    • pH
    • Titration
    • Particle Size
    • Form-fit-function
    • Failure mechanisms
    • Chemical Compatibility
    • Flow Meter and Instrumentation Optimization
    • Algorithm Development
  • Service/Support Labor
    • Equipment Testing of DIVIND tools
    • Start-up/Qualification of DIVIND tools
    • Equipment Training
  • Evaluation
    • Components
      • Form-fit-function
      • Failure mechanisms
      • Chemical Compatibility
      • Design and Development
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