DivInd provides innovative solutions to liquid processing applications. Whether it's an application for a new chemical blending system or an upgrade to an existing system, DivInd's staff is trained to help you tackle the easiest to the most difficult projects.

In many of the manufacturing facilities, equipment sets have operated for over five years with optimum uptime. However, some systems may not be performing optimally in blend accuracy, dispense throughput, etc. and need a bit of fine tuning. DivInd brings a staff of experts in both process and automation disciplines providing you with the solutions to optimize these systems to run more effectively and efficiently, saving money in poor recipe consistency, improved uptime, and reliability

Packaged Solutions

We offer our clients a complete package solution. Let DivInd be your one stop solution for all your liquid processing needs.


  • Flow process and identification schematics
    • Source to point of consumption
  • Calculations to meet expectations
    • Consumption Rates
    • Current and Future Usage
    • Projected recipe tolerances

Liquid blending and delivery systems for chemical and slurry applications

  • Batch process
  • Continuous dispense process
  • Supporting peripherals
    • Filtration
    • Analytics and Metrology
    • Factory Control (SCADA)

Upgrades and retrofits

  • Enhancements to current system operations
  • Automation and Control Systems
    • Factory Control (SCADA)
    • PID Improvements
  • Process Components- Pumps, Valves, Instrumentation
    • Reduction in energy consumption- Pumps
  • Peripheral Equipment Upgrades
    • Filtration
    • Instrumentation
    • Process Modifications
    • New System/Design Enhancements Instrumentation Modules
  • On-line
    • Titration
  • In-line
    • Chemical Assay
    • Particle Size
    • Other (Contact US)
  • Facility layouts
    • Entire process, start to finish
    • SCADA monitoring and trending


Leak Sensor
Level Sensor
Levitronix Pump
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